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Winners and participants of the contest „Best Lithuanian ICTE (Information and Communication Technology and Electronics) product for the year 2008"

Contest winners:

E-services category: Communication and entertainment portal ""
Software and hardware category: integrated security system SimpleID
Special nomination „Innovation of the year“: System of rational voting on the Internet -

About the contest:

Association "Infobalt" organizes annual contests named “Best Lithuanian ICTE Product", of which the main goal is related to search and nomination of the best Lithuanian ICTE (Information and Communication Technology and Electronics) products that can be considered as much-promising either on inner or outside markets that could be a model product for other manufacturers or those trying to become as such and creation of additional successful opportunities for the products mentioned.


E-services category

System of rational voting on the Internet -,
Project initiators: Rokas Đalađevičius, Marius Januđkevičius, Kćstutis Vađkelevičius.
Special nomination „Innovation of the year“

System of rational voting on the Internet assists voters in search for the party and the appropriate politician that correspond their opinion at most. The Project was visited by over 150.000 visitors. The Project was assessed by 4 points from 5 (according to 1700 respondents).

Product is a 100 per cent Lithuanian product. The product is unique upon global scale. Lithuania is the second country in the world (after Switzerland) that was able to implement such a project.

Communication and entertainment portal ""
UAB ""
Category winner

Product is designated for informative leisure and interacting activities. Product consists of lonely hearts club, forum, web mail, games, „Green Card“ site, MTV programmes archive as well as two Internet games.

INFOLEX.Praktika – information system of practical implementation of legal acts.

Infolex.PRAKTIKA – unique system of search for juridical information based on which you can easily and in prompt way find documents announced by Lithuanian supreme courts since 1995. System is useful for attorneys, judges, prosecutors and other professional lawyers.

Information systems category

System of work organization B-NET Office
B-NET Solutions, UAB

B-NET Office is the Internet system of work organization covering creation of electronic documents archive, computerization of the tasks assignment and fulfillment, contact information management, creation of company‘s (organization‘s) inner network (Intranet). It is helpful for enterprises (organizations) when solving their work organization problems, arranging and computerizing the paper documents archive, accumulating important contact information about customers, partners and other subjects; it creates possibility for communicating and exchange of information not leaving your place of work.

The customer relationship management system B-NET CRM
B-NET Solutions, UAB

B-NET CRM is the customer relationship management system, used for accumulation, analysis and systematization of information on existing and potential customers, designated for comprehensive information on their changeable needs. B-NET CRM includes the customer relationship information management, customer history maintenance, the client projects management, web mail and new information forwarding to customers, creation of e-documents archive and inner information distribution management.

Software-hardware category

AIVA 9001- business management system

AIVA 9001 is a business management software. This software is helpful for computerization of operations of sales, purchase and service managers and implementation of new management methods at the company connected to customer relationship management (CRM), e-business, e-marketing, supplies management, quality management upon ISO 9001 standard as well as company‘s accounting with the use of information gained after computerization of employee’s operations.

Baltix GNU/Linux Server OS su TVS „Antri namai“
VO „Atviras kodas Lietuvai
UAB „Interversija“
Geoinformation program "Akis Pro 2008"
Viktoras Paliulionis, MII

"Akis Pro 2008" is GIS software designated for digital maps, creation, viewing and analyzing of geographic data. This software can be used by professionals and ordinary users. It is one of a few Lithuanian products created in this particular area. Software is applied with digital maps of Lithuanian roads and towns and is coordinated with GIS data bases used in Lithuania and system of coordinates LKS-94.

Free programs for educational and creative purposes
VA „Atviras kodas Lietuvai

The set of free educational programs includes over 200 applied and educational programs. Software has been systematized based on the appropriate application area and thematic categories. program catalog has been supplemented by the program catalog (

UAB "Baltijos programinë áranga"

"MagicDraw" is a tool designing business processes, software, system modeling and organization‘s structure. This product is in accordance with Java and UML technology standards, contains one of the most reliable exit code mechanism engineering for programming languages Java, C#, C++ ir CORBA IDL also it can perform these languages code reverse engineering, the data base scheme reverse engineering, generating of code and data base schemes.

SimpleID integrated security system
UAB "Midpoint systems"
Category winner

SimpleID is software for security and control system management. SimpleID is created for security systems of new generation, of which all the components are directly connected to computer network.


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