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Vilnius, 23-24 October 2007. At present, in Lithuania, there are about one thousand information technology companies where over 15 thousand people are employed. The most considerable contribution into the country economics was made by fast developing companies involved in providing of ICT complex solutions.

Two activity directions of the ICT sections shall be as follows:

  • Information technology solutions covering the IT software production, the computer and technical equipment hardware and relevant services. 
  • Electronics communications services covering telecommunications, the Internet Access and digital/cable TV services.

13 from 20 the strongest ICT companies in Baltic States have been established in Lithuania. Seven universities are functioning in the country, from which over 1000 the IT specialists are being graduated annually. E-banking system is highly developed in Lithuania, over 80 percent of the Internet users use the e-banking services. In the largest towns of Lithuania there is a well developed network of the Internet public access centers. The most advanced telecommunications infrastructure in the Baltic States has been created in Lithuania (EDGE technology has been implemented, 3,6 Mbps speed 3G mobile connection infrastructure). According to data presented by the international telecommunication market research agency „Informa Telecoms & Media“, in Lithuania it was achieved the largest mobile communication  penetration in the world (at the end of 2005 it reached 138,5 percent). In the report, prepared by the European Commission in 2005 on the Electronics communications markets, and regulations it was stated that in Lithuania the prices for mobile communication are the lowest compared to all the EU member states. Companies involved in activities related to information and communication technologies were under high increase in 2005; this was based on the importance of this activity area considered at Governmental level. ICT – one of the most priority-oriented sectors having the most significant importance for Lithuanian economy evolution. Not  Lithuania only, but the European Union as well, consider the information technologies development as the priority area taking into account that technological progress has also conditioned the successful creation of the knowledge economics.

However, 95 percent of Lithuanian ICT companies are small and middle-size and the business representatives that trying to be involved in export activities and expand the scope of export have no sufficient monetary means for international marketing related to their services and products. Another problem small companies usually face is related to the situation when based on lack of financial and human resources these companies have no opportunity to take part in international events arranged for purpose of presentation of the newest market tendencies, potential innovations and establishment of business contacts. Non-participation in the world processes within any their stage would condition the gap to be hardly compensated and lost competitiveness. New ideas, technologies are being developing extremely fast and their timely presentation to Lithuanian business society is of prime importance.

Therefore, the association „Infobalt“ has been involved in the ICT conference arrangement for nine years the subject of which is based on selection of  the most perspective the information technology sector‘s areas foreseeing the largest added values for the market players. This year the conference subject shall be Innovative Information Technologies for Business and Education. Tens of companies are involved in fulfilling of foreign orders; joint Lithuanian and foreign capital ventures are being established. A considerable part of companies have started their business from sales of computer equipment and provision of relevant services. Nowadays, these are the companies‘ groups providing complex services and successfully competing  not only in Lithuania, but on international market as well. At present, in the European Union there is a considerable business demand for innovative technologies. This sounds promising for Lithuanian companies regarding the export expanding opportunities, but at the same time it sounds scaring whether Lithuanian companies are prepared enough to export end products and provide proper services. Therefore, it is planned to established during the conference as many business contacts as possible, trying to turn the intellectual export into the export of products and services.

The conference shall be aimed:

  • To provide the ICT companies of Lithuania with the opportunity to receive directly from the strong international companies‘ representatives the information about the tendencies related to innovative technologies creation as well as to be acquainted with the differences of the market evolution valuations performed by the aforementioned representatives;
  • To provide the ICT companies of Lithuania with the opportunity to introduce to foreign partners and the conference guests their achievements and innovative technologies being created;
  • To help Lithuanian companies to establish business contacts and start export activity, increasing the scope of export; 
  • To introduce Lithuanian ICT companies the areas where the increase in added value,  successful commercialization of the companies‘ and research institutions‘ cooperation and the increase in export  shall be most likely;
  • To use existing relations and the knowledge of market when developing the ICT sector of Lithuania to create in cooperation the appropriate trade marks to be able to compete on the international market and provide long-term export guarantees;
  • To get to know the participants of international projects and to be involved in arrangement and fulfillment of these projects.

The conference „Information Society: Innovative Technologies for Business and Education“ shall be arranged together with the largest in Baltic states annual ICT sector‘s exhibition „Infobalt 2007“. This shall be done for purpose of strengthening’s the companies‘ opportunities to represent their services and products and attract to the conference as many foreign business partners as possible.


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