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Presentations from leading high level speakers

I. "Experiences from TeliaSonera and vision for the future".

Kenneth Karlberg, Executive Vice President, TeliaSonera and Head of Norway, Denmark and the Baltics

About keynote:

  • Describe the present situation on the Baltic telecom market;
  • TeliaSonera’s recent activities and current operations;
  • Key trends on the home market;
  • Growth areas in the future;
  • Baltic opportunities and challenges.

II. "Evolving Mobile Services towards Broadband and Multimedia"

Markus Borchert, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Marketing, Siemens Communications, Mobile Networks

About keynote:

  • ARPU and Market considerations for 3G Services;
  • How to evolve end-user expectations – ways of service enrichment;
  • Fixed Mobile Substitution – opportunities in the business customer segment;
  • Case study  from other Nordic countries;
  • Building Block for successful service and application introduction.

III. “Inescapable Data: What is it and how to leverage it”.

Chris Stakutis, Author & CTO Emerging Storage Software, IBM

About keynote:

Data is everywhere around us…to a stunning level. Couple this “data everywhere” with now “wireless everywhere” and everything changes. Over 50 top CEO’s and CTO’s of various companies across many industries were interviewed to understand how this new world of data+wireless everywhere is changing how work and live. From farming to manufacturing to medicine, even our entertainment diversions and sports are changing in absolutely dramatic ways. Businesses and people that have grasped the new style of technology are reaping the benefits while others are seemingly left behind.

IV. "Mobile Technology and People in the High-Tech Environment".

Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Dr., Board Member and Technical Director, T-Mobile Netherlands, MOST Foundation Assembly Member

About keynote:

Technology is a focal point of my professional interest, but the more technology innovations I witness, the more I'm convinced that the major development factor is people equipped with their knowledge, skills, enthusiasm, but also hampered by their drawbacks, constraints and reservations. Jürgen Habermas claims that "Organizing and managing is communicating." Nowadays, this statement gets more meaningful owing to the mobile technology that changes the fundamental basics of communications. It is a flexible and ubiquitous juncture between technical networks and social networks. In my lecture I claim that mobile technology can firmly boost people of the corporate world, in particular the world of high-tech. But, as of today, in spite of impressive progress in m-applications development the potential of mobility in business-to-business and intra-business activities seems still not to be exploited to the possible extent. The reasons are many and of different nature, i.e. technical, organizational, legal, and last but not least, social. The latter is of my concern since it is closely related to the notion of social capital (as defined by Robert Putnam), which I consider a condition sine qua non of smooth integration of technology, business and human betterment. I argue that mobile platforms can boost social capital development and maintenance in the corporate world, especially in the high-tech environment, and thereby, may impact the bottom line.

V. "Vision of Optimally Connected Anywhere, Anytime: the role of the regulatory institution".

Tomas Barakauskas, Director of Communications regulatory authority of the Republic of Lithuania  

About keynote:

The concept of “Optimally Connected Anywhere, Anytime”: What does it mean and what kind of challenges it possesses? The enablers (driving forces) of this vision to come true: Technological issues, Market constructs, Social side of the question. Role of the regulating institution: Challenges, Possible solutions. 


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