TELEBALT Work Programme  

Conference “Teleworking for Business, Education, Research and e-Commerce”


Saturday, October 19, Hotel “Le MeridienVillon”

Arriving of participants


Sunday, October 20

Arriving of participants
10.00-15.00 Excursion to Trakai Island castle (XIV - XVI c., former Lithuanian capital)*
(*Advance registration)
17.00 Coctail party


Monday, October 21, Hotel “Le MeridienVillon”

9.00-10.30 Conference Opening Session Hall TILLIA
(Live broadcasting on Internet)

Chairman: Mr. Vytautas Vitkauskas, President of Association INFOBALT, Lithuania

H.E. Valdas Adamkus, President of the Republic of Lithuania.

H.E. Ambassador Michael Graham, Head of European Commission Delegation to Lithuania.

H.E. Ambassador John F. Tefft, United States Mission to Lithuania.

Mr. Petras Čësna, Minister of Economy of Republic of Lithuania.

Dr. Jacques Babot, Head of the E Work Sector, European Commission.

Prof. Jean Bonnin, President of EDNES, France.
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-13.00 Parallel sessions A/1, B/1, C/1, D/1

A/1 “Teleworking and IST programme promotion - Baltic States” Hall MALVA

Chairmen: Dr. Jacques Babot,
Head of the E Work Sector, European Commission and Prof. Jean Bonnin, EDNES, University of Strasbourg, France.

1. “TELEBALT project in Lithuania”.
Mr. Dziugas Juknys, Lithuania.

2. "The Problems and Possibilities of Telework".
Mr. Gintautas Babravičius, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Development of Information Society of Parliament of Republic of Lithuania.

3. "TELEBALT project: state of the art and prospectives".
Prof. Jean Bonnin, France and Dr. Alexander Beriozko, Russia.

4. “TELEBALT training course”.
Dr Jean-Claude Marot, France.

5. “TELEBALT project on the Web”.
Mr. Zigmas Bigelis, Lithuania and Dr. Alexander Beriozko, Russia.

6. “TELEBALT project in Latvia”.
Mr. Egils Grikis, Ms. Dinnija Mudure, Open Latvia.

7. “TELEBALT project development in Estonia”.
Mr. K.Baranov, Estonia.

B/1 “Teleworking for Education” Hall LOBELIA/SALVIA
(Live broadcasting on Internet)

Chairwoman: Dr. Danguolë Rutkauskienë

Videoconference moderator Gytis Cibulskis

1. Opening speach
Dr. Algirdas Monkevicius. Minister of Education and Science, Lithuania

2. Presentation of FP6 IST programme. (Interactive communication using videoconference).
Mr. Jens Christensen, Principal Scientific Officer in IST Programme, European Commission, Luxemburg.

3. “Sustainability and Impact Criteria for Multipurpose Community Telecentres.” (Interactive communication using videoconference).
Mr. John Rose, Programme Specialist, Information Society Division, UNESCO, France.

4. “National Policies and Initiatives for ICT supported education and learning”.
Dr. Albertas Zalys, Director of Department of Science and Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Science, prof. Aleksandras Targamadze and dr. Danguole Rutkauskiene, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania.

5. Presentation of Virtual Community Platform (VCP)
Prof. Kennet Lindquist, Managing Director, Swedish TelePedagogic Knowledge Centre, Sweden.

C/1 “Technology for Teleworking: Securing a Telework Infrastructure” Hall LINARIA
Chairman: Dr. Lutz Martiny, Belgium

1. "Securing a Telework Infrastructure: SmartIS - Objectives and Deliverables (IST project)"
Dr. Lutz Martiny, Co-Chair eEurope Smart Cards, Chairman Eurosmart, Belgium.

2. “Building trust in networking in Newly Associated States through the use of secure information society technologies (NASTEC) (IST project)”.
Mr. Aleksej Jerman Blazic, Director of Security Technology Competence Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

3. “Securing a Telework Infrastructure: Preliminary Case Study”.
Loreen Marie Butcher-Powell, Ph.D (A.B.D.), Assistant Professor of Information Science and Technology, Pennsylvania State University, United States of America.

4. “Unlocking the services potential of IP Networks through IPv6”.
Patrick Cocquet, 6WIND Chairman, IPv6 (IST project) Forum Vice-President, 6WIND S.A., France.

D/1 “Teleworking and Mobility” Hall APERA
Chairwoman: Dr. Daiva Vitkutë-Adţgauskienë, Lithuania

1. “Semiotic technologies for an interactive portal”.
Dr. Massimo Diana, INPS Manager of the European Project Team, Dr. Angelo Canaletti, IT Expert, Italy.

2. “Mobile applications – the world is getting mobile”.
Mr. Viktoras Dzindzeleta, Business Solutions Sector Manager, Bitë GSM, Lithuania.

3. “hp mobile e-services bazaar: a global ecosystem”.
Mr. Tommi Hietavuo, Partner DJ, HP Mobile e-Services Bazaar.

4. "From Client Relationship Management to Client Action Management".
Mr. Aurimas Baliukevičius, Manager of Business Solutions Department,Elsis UAB, Lithuania.

5. “m-Business: from vision to reality”.
Dr. Daiva Vitkutë-Adţgauskienë, Head of Product Management Division, Omnitel, Lithuania.

6. “DataWind - The Fast Wireless Internet Technology”.
Marko Heinsola, Business Development Manager, Finland, Rolandas Kymantas, AreaManager, Lithuania
13.00-14.00 Lunch-Buffet
14.00-18.30 Parallel sessions A/2, B/2, C/2

A/2 “Teleworking for Business” Hall APERA
Chairmen: Mrs.Nicole Turbé-Suetens, France and Vytautas Čyras, Lithuania

1. “Introduction to Telework”.
Dr Jean-Claude Marot, France

2. “Work in a Networked Virtual Organization”.
Nicole Turbé-Suetens, European expert, France (IST E3WORK project).

3. “Business solutions – key for your business”.
Mr. Lionginas Đepetys, Business Customer Department Director, Bitë GSM, Lithuania.

4. “Usability of telework” (The EU UsabilityNet project)”.
Dr. Nigel Bevan, Research Manager, Serco Usability Services, UK.
16.00-16.30 Coffee break
5. “Intelligent CONtent management System (Presentation of the IST ICONS project)”.
Dr. Witold Staniszkis, Mr. Bartosz Nowicki, Rodan Systems S.A.Poland.

6. "Knowledge Management and Information Systems" (Based on IST Programme and 6FP project WISE - Web-enabled Information Services for Engineering).
Mr. Jouni Meriluoto, The Software Technology Laboratory of Nokia Research Center, Helsinki, Finland.

7. “The knowledge intensive organization, its employees and their use of ICT”.
Dr. Jan Damsgaard, Dept. of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark.

8. “New model implementation – integration of disabled people into labor market (THINK IST project)”.
Ms. Inga Bakane, Open Latvia.

9. “Teleworking – new way for disabled to integrate in to labour market. THINK (Towards Handicap Integration Negotiation Knowledge) Baltic extension project in Lithuania”.
A. Juocevičius, T. Sinevičius, Vilnius University Medical faculty, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation centre.

B/2 “Teleworking for Education” Hall LOBELIA/SALVIA
(Live broadcasting on Internet)

Chairman: Prof. Kennet Lindquist

Videoconference moderator Gytis Cibulskis

1. “Perspectives of e-learning, teleworking and development issues - New demands on educational institutions, teachers and learners”.
Mrs. Ingeborg Bo, Vice President of European Distance Education Network (EDEN), Executive director for Norwegian Association for Distance Education (NADE).

2.“Lifelong Learning: Overarching Framework for Education & Training in Europe”.
Dr Stavros Stavrou, Deputy director of CEDEFOP- European Centre for the development of Vocational Training, Greece.

3. “Video Mediated Communication (VMC)”.
Claus J. Knudsen, Division of Media Technology and Graphic Arts, Dept. of Numerical Analysis and Computing Science (NADA), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden.

4. “e-Learning for Continuing Health Education”.
Prof. Zilvinas Padaiga, Vice Rector of Kaunas University of Medicine, Lithuania.
16.00-16.30 Coffee Brake
5. “The Global Development Learning Network (GDLN)“.
Richard Lacroix, Consultant World Bank, representing GDLN – Global Development Learning Network.

6. Multipoint videoconference and discussions on the topic "EU Accession" with GDLN centres in Brussels, Washington, Sofia, Warsaw and Paris.

7. “Teleworking for e-learning in virtual learning environments”.
Dr. Povilas Abarius, Director of Distance Education Centre of Vilnius University.

C/2 “Technologies for services” Hall MALVA
Chairmen: Dr. G. Ambrosino, Italy and Prof. A. Kaklauskas, Lithuania

1. “eBusiness-eWork for Demand Responsive Mobility Virtual Agency: the European FAMS project”. (IST project)
Dr. G. Ambrosino, P. Sassoli, N. Divolo, ATAF SpA and A. Ferrari, SITA SpA, Italy.

2. “An Intelligent Mobility Agent for Complex Geographical Environments: the IMAGE Project”.(IST project)
Edwards, S.J.F. & Blythe, P.T., Transport Operations Research Group, UK and Caj Holm, Traficon Ltd, Finland.

3. “The European Project eDRUL for Demand Responsive Urban Logistics (IST project)”.
Dr. Jacopo Diaco, Dr. G. Ambrosino, Arch. W. Scapigliati, Dr. F. Pucci, Italy.

4. “Improving the Postal Quality of Service through e-work and telematics (IST project)”.
Dr. Margaret Quinn, Co-ordinator of CAPERS Project, Belgium and Vladislav Tatujan, IT manager, CAPERS Project Manager, Lithuania
16.00-16.30 Coffee brake
5. “Simple locally based network for everyone – who wants that?”.
Mr. Ilpo Koskikallio, Glocal Oy, Finland.

6. “E-Work in Construction, Real Estate and Facilities Management”.
Prof. A. Kaklauskas, Chairman of Department of Construction Economics and Property Management, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University,
Prof. E. Zavadskas, First Vice-Rector of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania.

7. “The BALTPORTS-IT Project: Application of Simulation Models and IT solutions in Maritime Sector of the Baltic States”.
Dr. Eberhard Blumel, Germany, prof., habil.dr. Leonid Novitski, Latvia, prof., habil.dr. Henrikas Pranevicius, Lithuania, prof., habil.dr. Yuri Merkuryev, Latvia.

8. “Virtual Market Place for Rural Tourism Sales, Development and ICT Services and Applications (IST project).
Asnate Ziemele, Latvia and Mr. Paul Richardson, Iceland
18.30-19.00 Roundtables and discussions
19.30 Official Reception


Tuesday, October 22, Hotel “Le MeridienVillon”

9.00-12.30 Parallel sessions E/1, F/1, G/1, H/1
10.30–11.00 Coffee break
E/1 “Teleworking and networking” Hall APERA
Chairman: Dr. Kŕstytis Gečas, Lithuania

1. "Best Enterprise practise using Advanced Technologies in Recycling Industries for e-Commerce and E-business in Small and Medium­sized Enterprises " (IST project).
Dr. Cezary Lichodziejewski, Poland.

2. “E-working and Flexible Working as Tools for Supporting SMEs in Poland (IST project)”.
Adam Turowiec, Institute of Communication and Information Technologies Ltd. (ITTI) andUniversity of Technology andAgriculture in Bydgoszcz (ATR), Poland.

3. WISTCIS project: background, state of the art and prospectives (IST project)".
J. Bonnin (EDNES, France), A. Gvishiani, T. Shuliakovskaya, A. Soloviev (EDNES, Russia).

4. “Project TELESOL – bringing the best EU telework solutions to CIS countries (IST project)”.
Dr. Sergey A. Smagin (Russia).

5. „IST Projects in 5th Framework Programme – prelude for NAS partnersparticipation in 6th Framework Programme” (IST project),
Krzysztof Glomb, Poland.

6. “IDEAL-IST” (IST project).
Mr. Deividas Vijeikis, Lithuania.
F/1 “Teleworking for Education” Hall MALVA
Chairwoman: Mrs. Ingeborg Bo, Norvegia

1. “Tele-presence for Learning and Work: Development of Tools and Services at Kaunas University of Technology”.
PhD st. Gytis Cibulskis, Kaunas University of Technology, Andrius Varneckas, Kaunas University of Technology Distance Education Centre, Lithuania.

2. “Telework as a technological approach to the education process”.
Dr. Audrone Valiuskeviciute, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania.

3. "Towards modern learning environments: Experiences from adult education".
Seppo Sirkemaa, Associate Professor, Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, Pori unit, Finland.

4. “Institutional, Instructional, and Learning Perspectives of E-education”.
Prof. Hele-Mai Haav, Concordia International University (CIUE), Estonia.

5. “BSCW and TeleCAD – Examples of Basic Support for Cooperative Work”.
Dr Anna Grabowska, Head of Distance Education Centre at Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland.

6. “Teamwork in E-Learning Development Projects in Teleworking Environment”.
Dr. Atis Kapenieks, Marite Kirikova, Bruno Zuga, Riga Technical University, Latvia

7. “Creating adaptive based virtual learning environment”.
Prof. Antanas Andrius Bielskis, PhD st. Dalia Baziukaite, Klaipeda University Computer Science Department, Lithuania
G/1 “Telemedicine and e-Health” Hall LOBELIA/SALVIA
Chairman: Prof. Arunas Lukosevicius, Lithuania
(Live broadcasting on Internet)

1. “The role of information technologies in creation of new environment for Lithuanian health care professionals”
Dr.Gediminas Cerniauskas, Health Care viceminister, Lithuania

2. “Potentials of e-Health clusters for implementation of National Health Program”
Prof. Juozas Pundzius, Chairman of National Health Board, director general of Kaunas University Hospital, Lithuania.

3. “From acute treatment to chronic care management - TelemediCare provides supporting technology to new care model” (IST project)
Olle Martin Winnem, Senior Scientist, SINTEF Telecom and Informatics, contractor of EU FP5 IST project “TelemediCare”, Trondheim, Norway

4. “Emerging e-Health and telemedicine developments: methodical and technological aspects”.
Prof. Arunas Lukosevicius, director of Biomedical Engineering Institute, head of Telemedicine Support Centre, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania.

5. “LITMED project: an impact on telediagnostics and teleducation”
Owe Svensson, Board member of Nordic Telemedicine Association, SkaneCompetence Center, Health & Medical CareLund University Hospital, Lund, Sweden; Lars-Olof Almquist, TietoEnator AB, project LITMED contractor, Malmo, Sweden.

6. "IT Solutions for Health Care: advantages for physicians and patients"
Rimantas Cernauskas, Division Manager, Laurynas Vaskys, IT specialist, Siemens UAB Medical Solutions Division, Lithuania.
H/1 "TELEBALT Algorithmical Resource: Artificial Intelligence. Hall LINARIA
Algorithms On-line" http://eta.ktl.mii.lt/~mask/TELEBALT/AI_TELEBALT_library.doc
Chairwoman: Dr. Erinija Pranckeviciene, Lithuania

Discussion participants:

Dr. Alexander Beriozko (EDNES, France),

Prof. Jean Bonnin (University Louis-Pasteur, France),

Dr. Vytautas Cyras (Sintagma, Lithuania),

Dr. Erinija Pranckeviciene (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania),

Prof. Laimutis Telksnys (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Lithuania).
12.30 -13.30 Lunch-Buffet
13.30-18.00 Parallel sessions E/2, F/2, G/2, H/2
E/2 “Teleworking for Research” Hall APERA
Chairman:Dr. Saulius Maskeliűnas, Lithuania

1. “Accessibility and Usability of Heterogeneous Information and Services: the BIZON Approach” (IST project).
Vincenzo Diodato, Davide Galletti, Alessandra Martelli, Ksolutions S.p.A., Italy.

2. "Studying Alternative Workplaces: Lessons from the Field",
Dr. Crystal Fulton, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

3. "Telework Ontology – needs and solutions",
Mr. Zigmas Bigelis, Dr. Saulius Maskeliűnas, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Lithuania.

4. SEWASIE: a Semantic Search Engina” (IST project).
Prof. Maurizio Vincini and Dr. Sonia Bergamaschi, Italy.

5. "Teleworking in research networks and remote laboratories".
Prof. Rimantas Đeinauskas, Information Technologies Development Institute, Lithuania.

6. “A System for Graduate Studies and Research Collaboration in the Internet Environment”.
Prof. Jonas Mockus, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Kaunas Technological University, Lithuania.
F/2 “Teleworking technologies” Hall LINARIA
Chairman:Mr. Brian Foley, Ireland

1. “Cisco's vision of the future of the mobile workplace”,
Pasi Mäenpää, Country Manager, Cisco Systems Finland and Baltics.

2. “TEAMwork - an integrated solution to support distributed e-working teams (IST project)”.
Mr. Brian Foley, BA, Public Funding Executive, TecNet, Ireland.

3. “Collaborative Browsing toolkit (CoBrow) overview and demonstration”.
Mr. Anatoly Soloviev, WISTCIS project engineer, EDNES Association, Russia.

4. "Newest Internet technologies developed by Hoffman&Reif Consultancy, i.e., European Knowledge Platform (EKP) and Basic Support for Cooperative Work (BSCW)",
Dr. Leopold Reif.

5. “Virtual Presence System (VPS) overview and demonstration”.
Mr. Anatoly Soloviev, WISTCIS project engineer, EDNES Association, Russia

6. "Maritime programms for training and education".
Alexander J. Boronin, Estonian Maritime Academy.
G/2“Telemedicine and e-Health” Hall LOBELIA/SALVIA
Chairman: Prof. Arunas Lukosevicius, Lithuania
(Live broadcasting on Internet)

1. Telemedicine in Norway
Dr. Steinar Pedersen Norwegian Center for Telemedicine, University Hospital of Tromso, Norway (Video – conference connection)

2. Telemedicine in the Rural Health Services in UK Jane Randall-Smith, Chief Executive,
Dr John Wynn-Jones Institute of Rural Health, Mid Wales, Great Britain (Video – conference connection)

3. “ Baltic project BITNET: towards health telework around Baltics”
Dr. Anders Fagerlund, Secretary of Swedish Telemedicine Association, BITNET chief project officer, Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden (Video – conference connection)

4. “Tele-diagnostics and clinical decision support in action: glaucoma case”.
Prof. Georg Michelson, project leader, Dept. of Ophthalmology, Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg, Erlangen, Germany

5. “Remote monitoring benefits: doc@HOME experience (IST project)”
Ardo Reinsalu, Chief Executive Officer in a telemedicine company Docobo and is a coordinator of a European Commission fostered remote care project doc@HOME; Prof. Kristjan Port, Director of R&D, Docobo, Estonia

6. "More time to patients, less to bureaucracy. How IT solution can help home heathcare!".
Mr Harry Piela, CEO, Sybase Baltic

7. Panel discussion
H/2 “Teleworking for the Media and Culture” Hall MALVA
Chairwoman:Dr. Auksë Balčytienë, Lithuania

1. “Information Society Issues”.
Tapio Varis, UNESCO chair of global e-learning, Finland.

2. “Digital Rights Management: Applications for the Private and Public Sector”.
Mr. Willms Buhse, Digital World Services, Germany.

3. “Cultural Heritage and Education in Digital Space: Opportunities and Problems.”
Dr. Nerutë Kligienë, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Lithuania.

4. “Ahead of time: The Bel Air Music Website”.
Mr. Ole Jorgensen, CEO Bel Air Music Ltd.

5. “Teleworking in the European Heritage Network”. Mr. Virginijus Daukas,
Dr. Albinas Kuncevičius, Lithuania.

6. “The Impact of Digitization in Culture Institutions: Changing Functions and Activities”.
Renata Sukaityte, Lithuania.

7. "Involved: A Cultural Project Experiences on the WWW”.
Mr. Henrik Rysbakke Nielsen, Mrs. Mirjam Wirz, Mr. Augustinas Beinaravičius.

8. “New Models of IT-based Working: Global Marketing with a Passport and a Laptop”.
Mr. H. Gerard Gaudet, USA

9. “Problems and Prospects for Online Journalism in Small Markets”.
Dr. Auksë Balčytienë, Lithuania.
17.30-18.00 Roundtable and discussions
18.00-18.30 TELEBALT Closing Plenary Hall LOBELIA/SALVIA
(Live broadcasting on Internet)
19.30 Official Reception hosted by Association INFOBALT
Venue: Vilnius Old Arsenal


Wednesday, October 23

10.00-13.00 Networking meetings*. Venue:Lithuanian Exhibition Centre LITEXPO
(* Advance registration)
15.00-19.00 Excursion to Vilnius Old Town*
(* Advance registration)


October 23-26, Lithuanian Exhibition Centre LITEXPO

10.00-18.00 TELEBALT project stand during IST trade fair INFOBALT 2002

Will be presented EU programmes and projects related to TELEWORKING, e-WORK and TELEMATICS.


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