Virginijus Savukynas

DATE OF BIRTH March 29, 1974


CURRENT ADDRESS Naugarduko 43 - 36, 2009 Vilnius, LITHUANIA

Tel. (370-2) 231702, E-MAIL virginijus.savukynas(, vsavukyn(

CURRENT POSITION assistant at the Institute of Culture and Arts;

EDUCATION MA in History at Faculty of History of Vilnius University (1998)

GRANTS AND AWARDS 1998 scholarship of Smolski - Geelens Foundation for studies at Universit( Libre de Bruxelles for 4 months;

1997-1998 scholarship of Invisible College

2000 - Award in Young Scholar's Competition. Academy of Sciences of Lithuania

LANGUAGES Lithuanian - native language; Russian - excellent; French - good; English - average; Polish - average.


SELECTED BIBLIOGRPHY On the Lithuanian Religious and Linguistic Identity in Kult?ros barai (Domains of Culture), nr.5,1996;

Algirdas J. Greimas and Lithuanian Historiography: His Methodological Contribution in Kult?ros barai, nr. 3, 1997;

Religious Episteme in the History of Lithuanian Identity in Kult?ros barai, nr. 7, Jun, 1997;

The year 1993, or "The Apology for Kinship" (semiotic analysis of the rhetoric of the campaign of presidential elections in Lithuania) in Kult?ros barai, nr.11, September, 1997;

US and THEM. Configuration of Religious Identity in the second Half of the 19th Century) in Lietuvos kult?ros tyrin?jimai. - Vilnius: Gervel?, 1998, t. 4, p. 232-261;

Myth of Sicinski and the Religious Identity in Metai, nr.10, October 1998.

Configurations of Religious Lithuanian Identity from the Mid 17th - to the Late 19th Centuries (in English) in Spectrum, t.2. - Vilnius: Gervel?, 1998, p.7-36.

Witchcraft in Europe in Kult?ros barai, 1999, nr. 7.

The Stereotypes of The Jew in Traditional Lithuanian Culture: Construction of an Opposite Reflection (in English) in Artium Unitio, nr. 4 (;

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RESEARCH INTERESTS studies of Internet, the analysis of contemporary social discourse, the semiotics of advertising, theory of history, the history of mentalities, cultural studies.

OTHER ACTIVITIES editor for humanitarian science of Internet journal Artium Unitio (